About Us

Made for the brown babies of the world!

For Brown Babies is a marketplace created as a platform to not only elevate children of color, but to also create products that they can identify with. Aside from the all-natural Brown Baby Butter geared towards children with dry skin, we have created products that educate and elevate as well. Our ABC's for Brown Babies book and coloring book help children of color feel included and confident when they see positive images of people that look like them. We show them that they can be whatever they want to be no matter what society has to say.

Why We Created ABC's For Brown Babies

"Children of color feel included and confident when they see positive images of themselves. I know this. You know this. And society knows it. Yet, parents of color still struggle to find kid-friendly products that show our children they can be superheroes, princesses and all-around smart kids. But instead of accepting what society serves up as status quo, I chose to launch Brown Baby Products so our daughter Zoey would not just SEE positive images, but play a major role in making sure those images are visible in the marketplace. By the way, I’m Mary Seats, best-selling author, entrepreneur, wife and mom. I’m just a mom who wants to show her daughter and other brown babies around the world just how beautiful their brown skin is. More than an ABC book, this is a keepsake that will nourish your toddler’s spirit and feed their minds all at the same time. Our greatest goal with this book is that your toddler will not only master their ABCs but also put a twist on the classic ABC song by singing:
Now I know my ABCs and I’m proud to just be me.
We’re so grateful for your support and we appreciate you for helping us change the narrative for children of color everywhere!
We pray this book gives you and your family as much joy as it has ours!
Yours Truly,
Mary Seats aka Zoey’s Mom

Our Values & Mission

Whitney Houston said it best - the children are our future! Teach them well and let them lead the way. Give them a sense of pride to make it easier. We couldn't have said it better! Our mission is to teach children of color, early on, to be PROUD of who they are while reminding them of their inner and outer beauty!